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Fort Gratiot Hospital Donation

Fort Gratiot Hospital Donation

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As the oldest wooden structure in the county, the Fort Gratiot Hospital is currently being preserved for educational and public use. When Fort Gratiot closed in 1879 the building was chopped in half, moved and turned into two private houses. These two homes were occupied for over 100 years.  As the homes aged and became blighted, local historians recognized the value of the site and worked to rescue the Post Hospital. Now reunited on one foundation is nothing short of a historic preservation miracle! 

Since major restoration efforts began in 2012, much has been accomplished. With the exterior now finished, planning has moved to the interior. The eventual goal is a museum to tell both the military and medical history of the Blue Water Area.


The donation you make using this page will be restricted for use on the Fort Gratiot Hospital and put towards the advancement of this project. 

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$5.00every month until canceled
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$5.00every year until canceled
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